Also known as... Legal Threats to Stifle the Truth and Your Constitutional Rights

We've been asked about what the signs and banners we use look like.

Well, pictured below are the ones that we have used at each demonstration. They have held up in fairly high winds and also in a 2 hour rain shower without any problems. They are printed on high quality paper, spray mounted to a foam board, which in turn is attacheded with a screw, washer and nut on both the top and bottom to a 1/2" or 3/4" wooden dowel... about 4 feet long.

The two banners are 10' long, printed on vinyl and attached similarly to a couple of broom or rake handles. All the poles, handles, and hardware were purchased at one of the big box hardware stores and the foam board, vinyl and paper were purchased and printed at a professional printing company.

And if you'd like to use any of these signs, here is a PDF document with the signs in it. Each sign is on a separate page. Just print the page of the sign you want. Download PDF here.